Adding new users


Administrators can create profiles for new users from the User Management section of the Settings menu in the top left corner of the Live Blog interface.

To create a new user profile, click on the create icon in the top right of the User Management pane.

This will open a new pane on the right in which you can enter the details for your new user.

First name, last name, username, sign off, and email are all mandatory fields. The username is what the user will use to log in to Live Blog. Once the profile is created, the username cannot be changed. Usernames can only have alphanumeric characters in addition to dash (-), underscore (_), periods (.) and apostrophe (‘).

Once the profile is created, the new user will receive an email with login instructions. The new user will need to choose a password. Passwords for Live Blog must be at least 8 characters long, with upper and lower case letters, and some numbers and/or special characters.

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