Setting up BUTT with Airtime

Setting up BUTT with Airtime


First, you must download a copy of BUTT onto your computer. You can download it by visiting: BUTT works with Mac, Linux, Ubuntu and Windows. Note that you must download an older copy of BUTT than the current version.

BUTT version 0.1.15 will not work with Airtime. Download BUTT version 0.1.13. To find out what version of BUTT you are using, check the application title bar.

Once you’ve downloaded BUTT, install it on your computer and open the software. When you have successfully installed and opened BUTT, you will notice that the main display says info: idle.

Click the Settings button on the right side of the BUTT interface.

In the Main tab of the BUTT settings menu, navigate to the ADD button under Server. Click this button to open the Add Server dialog.

Unless you are using custom Airtime hosting, you will choose the IceCast server type. You will need to fill in all the other text boxes with information to match your stream. You can find these details in your Airtime interface under Help > Broadcasting Live > I have broadcasting software > BUTT > Connection Details. Enter the information in the Connection Details exactly as they appear in Airtime into the BUTT interface. Using the Connection Details from Airtime, you will need to fill in the following fields in the BUTT interface: Address, Port, IceCast mountpoint, Password and IceCast user. At the top of the Add Server window, you must enter a name for your server connection in BUTT. You can name this whatever you want.

In the Main settings tab of BUTT you will need to select your Audio Input device. This will likely be a microphone plugged into your computer into which you will speak for your live broadcast.

You can specify where your live broadcast metadata will be pulled from if you are incorporating tracks into your live broadcast. The area to specify this pathway is found in the Stream tab of the BUTT settings menu.

Once you have entered all the information in BUTT, click the Save Settings button under the MAIN tab.



In Airtime Pro, you can check your Live Broadcast settings in Settings > Streams > Live Broadcast. If you have the Auto Switch to Live DJ enabled, when you press the play button in BUTT, you will be starting your live voice broadcast immediately. The Live Broadcasting settings in Airtime is also where you can adjust the fade between scheduled shows and your live broadcast. Enter the fade time in seconds in the text box.

Once you’ve clicked the play button in BUTT, the main info display in BUTT will change from idle to on air. Begin talking!

You will notice that your Broadcast Source at the top of the Airtime Interface will switch to Live DJ when you are using BUTT for live voice. This will let you know that you’ve set up your BUTT correctly.

When you are done broadcasting, click the stop button in the BUTT interface. Your Airtime source will switch back to scheduled shows automatically.


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