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Ingest is the way in which articles from other news sources arrive in Superdesk. This section of the Settings menu allows you to configure the sources of your external news content.


To let Superdesk know where to access new content from, you will use the Ingest area of the Settings menu. To add a new source to ingest from, click ADD NEW SOURCE in the upper-right corner of the Ingest sources window.

Status - Status can be set to open or closed. If the status is set to Open, Superdesk will ingest from this source. If it is closed, Superdesk will not ingest any further content from this source. Closed sources are saved and can be reopened at a later date.

Provider Name - The name of the entity providing you with this feed. This is not used for any type of authentication and is only for labeling purposes inside Superdesk.

Source Name - Similar to provider name, but this is what any content ingested from this source will be tagged with this Source Name under the Source field in the article metadata.



Feeding Service

  • Email - Superdesk will ingest new messages received at the email address. You will then need to fill in login credentials for the email account you would like Superdesk to monitor.
  • File Feed - Superdesk will monitor a file folder on the server Superdesk is installed on and ingest anything appropriate.
  • FTP - Superdesk will monitor the FTP destination and ingest any content that is appropriate.
  • Reuters Feed API - Superdesk will attempt to ingest the target if it is in Reuters Feed API format.
  • RSS - Superdesk will ingest the content coming in from the RSS feed set up here.


Feed Parser 

The Feed Parser field lets Superdesk know what format to expect the content to be in.

Article Types

The Article Types buttons enable you to select what type of content Superdesk will ingest from this feed. For example, you could set it to ingest only text articles and ignore picture items and composite items from a particular source.

Update Every

How often Superdesk will check and refresh this ingest source for new content.


Notify When Idle for More Than

This setting will notify all users if the ingest source does not update with new content in the set amount of time. If you have email notifications enabled, you will also receive an email.

Content Expiry

Sets the amount of time after an article is ingested before it is moved it to the Archive. This is great for making sure your newsroom is only publishing the most current and relevant news.

Allow Remove Ingested Items

With this enabled, users with appropriate permissions are able to remove ingested items that haven’t been fetched to a desk.

Rule Set

Choose which, if any Rule Set to apply to the items upon ingest. These Rule Sets allow Ingested articles to be modified between when they are sent out from the source and when they arrive in Superdesk.  

Adding new Rule Sets must be done from the Rule Set section found at the top of the Ingest settings page. Click the ADD NEW RULESET button in the top-right corner.


The first field allows you to name your Ruleset. The old and new field are effectively ‘find and replace’ functions. Upon ingest, Superdesk will find any instance of the old word or phrase and replace it with what is inside the new field. You are able to set up multiple Rules inside a single Rule Set.

Routing Scheme

With routing scheme, you can tell Superdesk to fetch items to a specific desk, set the items to a specific stage, or even publish the items immediately after ingest.

Routing schemes must be created from the Routing Scheme page accessible through theRouting tab at the top of the Ingest settings page. To create a new Scheme, click ADD NEW ROUTING SCHEME button on the top-right corner of the Routing Scheme page.

The RULE NAME field is where you’ll name your routing rules. These rules are different from what’s found in Rule Sets. The General tab also displays the current settings for the Rule. The Filter tab allows you to select what Content Filter to apply during ingest, this will let you decide which to items to you’d like to apply this routing scheme.


The Action tab dictates what will be done when an ingested article meets the content filters criteria. You are able to publish items at this point or fetch them to a desk. Setting up these schemes properly can save journalists a lot of time searching through the Ingest manually. The Exit setting will exit the routing scheme once the criteria is met. The Preserve Desk switch, if enabled will not change the desk of an ingested article if it already has a destination desk set elsewhere. Schedule allows you to decide when this Routing Scheme is applied, an example would be if you have a specific desk for urgent news outside of office hours.


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