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Dictionaries allow you to select which dictionary Superdesk will use for spell check.

Dictionaries allow you to select what dictionary Superdesk will use for spellcheck. You can upload new dictionary files from here by clicking ADD NEW DICTIONARY. Dictionary files must be in txt format.

You can also add an abbreviations dictionary. The abbreviations dictionary is a personal dictionary tool that enables automatic text expansion while writing articles. This can be a handy time-saving tool. Some Superdesk users will find that they use it extensively, others less so.

  • Go to Settings -> Dictionaries
  • A new window should open titled "Add New Abbreviations Dictionary" -> Enter a language code (En). This is so the abbreviation dictionary can be bound to articles of a certain language, similar to the main dictionary.
  • Enter the abbreviation to be replaced.
    (for example: UN)
  • Enter the phrase you want the abbreviation to be replaced with.
    (for example: United Nations)
  • Click the ADD ABBREVIATION button. Your abbreviation will appear below the button. You can add further abbreviations, or click the Save button to close the window.

With the example above, when you are typing in the body text of any article if you type UN* and hit space, the editor will replace it with United Nations. It’s a good idea to create a list of commonly used abbreviations for your newsroom.

You only need to add the Abbreviation dictionary one time. Once it exists, you can edit your dictionaries from the Dictionary management section by clicking on the pencil-shaped icon beside the dictionary you wish to edit.

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