Settings - Highlights

New Highlight lists can only be created from this menu.

To create a new Highlight List, click CREATE CONFIGURATION button located in the upper-right corner. This opens a new window with options for creating your new Highlight list.

The CONFIGURATION NAME field allows you to name the Highlight List. The TEMPLATE drop-down menu chooses the template that will be applied when a new article is added to  this Highlight List. ASSIGNED DESKS are the desks which will be able to view the Highlight List, additionally, these are the desks that items are automatically added from upon creation of the Highlight List. AUTOMATICALLY INSERT ITEMS allows you to choose the time frame in which items are automatically added to the Highlight List upon creation. For example, if you check the Adelaide topic desk and select 12 hours from the AUTOMATICALLY INSERT ITEMS FROM drop-down menu, all items from the Adelaide desk from the last 12 hours will be added upon creation. Otherwise, after a Highlight List is created, all curation is done manually. If you want to create a Highlight List that is entirely curated manually, do not select any topic desk on creation. This Highlight List will then be available to all topic desks and those users with appropriate privileges will be able to add content to the Highlight List.

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