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The Desks tab navigates to the Desk Management page, which enables admins to make changes to all topic desks. Some of these changes can also be configured from the Master Desk (on the Settings Menu) but the Desk management page offers more complex setting possibilities. New Desks can only be created from this menu and not from the Master Desk area of the Settings menu.

From the Desk Management page you can both create new topic desks and edit existing topic desks. To create a new topic desk, click ADD NEW DESK in the upper-right corner. To edit an existing desk, find the topic desk you wish to edit on the Desk Management page and click the Action menu to display the Edit button. For more information on the fields found in both of these functions, please see the Master Desk portion of the Superdesk manual.


 Admins can make changes to the Monitoring feature of each topic desk by clicking on the Action menu and selecting Monitoring settings. The Monitoring Settings window is where the information in the Monitoring area of the Workspace Panel is configured. The Monitoring display is the same for all users who share a topic desk.


From the Monitoring settings window, users can select multiple topic desks to display in the Monitoring view. Keep in mind that all of these changes will be reflected in the Monitoring view of the topic desk you selected in Desk Management regardless of which topic desks you choose to monitor. Once a topic desk has been switched on, you can select from stages within that topic desk to display.


The Saved Searches tab in the Monitoring Settings window allows you to display Saved Searches in the Monitoring view. Saved Searches can be created in the Search tab of the Workspace Panel. In order to use them in a Monitoring view, make sure that your Saved Searches have the Global Read toggle turned on. (For more information on creating a Saved Search see the Search section of the Superdesk user Manual).  

In the Reorder Sections tab of the Monitoring Settings window, you can arrange the order in which you display the items that you have selected for your Monitoring view. Finally, the Items Count tab contains textboxes where you can input the number of items to be displayed for each stage and Saved Search in the Monitoring view.

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