The Monitoring feature allows each topic desk to have a customized view of content. The content of the Monitoring tab is controlled from the Settings menu. Usually the Monitoring tab is set up to show you the content of the stages within your topic desk and Saved Searches that are relevant to your topic desk. You can access Monitoring for your current topic desk from the Workspace Panel by clicking on the Monitoring icon. The Monitoring tab will display the same information to every user on the same topic desk.

The Monitoring window will usually be broken up into stages. Stages are the way in which content is sorted within a topic desk. Work stages are set by the administrator in the Master Desk settings and could vary from desk to desk. Stages could be set to include an input stage, an output stage and a stage for published work, for example. Depending on how your Monitoring has been configured in the Settings menu, you might also see Saved Searches in your Monitoring window. 

The Monitoring window has a search feature at the top. You can type keywords into the textbox that appears when you click on the search icon, or you can use the filter buttons located just below the search icon. The buttons allow you to filter to articles that are just text, just photos, just packages, just videos, or just sound files.

This is the Create icon.

In the top-right of the Monitoring interface, you can use the Create icon to make new articles, packages or to upload media from your computer into Superdesk. (See the Creating New Articles section in the Superdesk manual.)

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