What is Superdesk?


Superdesk is a powerful workflow management tool for newsrooms that was built from the ground up to be an extensible, end-to-end news production and distribution platform. It is a collaborative tool for curating, sorting and publishing news with contributors from around the world. With an intuitive user interface, Superdesk makes the life of newsroom staff easier by removing the complex underlying technology and enabling journalists to focus on creating and producing high-quality content. With Superdesk, all of the newsroom tasks are brought together in one platform. Publishing across multiple media outputs is also possible.

Superdesk enables multiple users (journalists, editors and administrators) to collaborate within the same application, at the same time. All users are able to search and read the available content, but roles can be assigned to limit the actions of specific users. Superdesk has a customizable interface in which all the roles and departments are configurable.

Got more questions about Superdesk? Check out the FAQ on the Superdesk website here:

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