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The Templates tab displays widgets with all current templates created by admin and other users. Templates can be used for many things within Superdesk. Templates can auto-generate articles, they can be the generic item kill notification sent to subscribers, or they can be used to auto-format items in a Highlight List.


This is the Template Action menu.

Each widget displays the template type, the topic desk and stage it’s assigned to (if any) and its automated item creation schedule. All of these options can be adjusted by clicking on the template’s Action Menu and selecting Edit.


Within the Edit Template window, you can enter or update any of the information in the textboxes, toggle on (blue) or off (grey) whether the template should be a Desk template or be automatically generated. When the latter is switched on, you can select which days of the week it should be generated, at what time and in which time zone.

Users can also add a Headline, Abstract, Byline, Dateline, Body text, Contact information and toggle on/off whether an SMS message should be generated. Note: the SMS feature is currently in development. At this time toggling the SMS feature on will only allow for the headline to be inherited into the SMS message.

Hit SAVE at the bottom-right corner of the window to save your changes before exiting the Edit Template window.


To create a new template, click the ADD NEW TEMPLATE button in the upper-right corner of the interface. The window that displays includes the same options as the Edit Template window. For the “Create” template types, there is an option to include a footer in the information entry.

To delete a template, click the Action menu and select Remove.

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