Desks are the basic organizational units in Superdesk. All users are assigned to a topic desk. Articles that users fetch, edit, spike or publish become associated with their current topic desk. Users may be assigned to more than one topic desk at a time.


The Workspaces menu is beside the Settings menu in the top-left corner of the Superdesk interface. It always displays the name of the desk or custom workspace that you’re currently working on.


Clicking on the Workspaces menu will show a list of topic desks that you currently belong to, as well as your Personal Workspaces. Desks are displayed in blue and Personal Workspaces are displayed in purple. It’s possible to have more than one Personal Workspace. Multiple Personal Workspaces could be useful if you’re working on more than one project at the same time.

Most articles arrive at a desk after they have been selected by a user from the Ingest feed. The process of moving an article from Ingest to a desk is called fetching. It is not possible to fetch ingested articles to your Personal Workspace. You can only fetch articles to a desk. Once an item is fetched to a topic desk, it remains part of that topic desk permanently. Whether is it edited, published, spiked or killed, it will remain associated with that desk. It’s possible that the same article could be fetched to multiple desks.


When multiple users are working together on the same topic desk, items that are opened by one user become locked from other users until they are closed. Locked articles cannot be opened or edited by other users. This is denoted by a red stripe that appears beside the article in the monitoring window.

Users assigned to the same desk will see the same widget configuration on their topic desk Dashboard. Only admins can add or change widgets in a shared desk Dashboard. Personal workspaces also have Dashboards. If a user would like custom widgets, they can set them up using their Personal Workspace Dashboard.

This is the Personal Items icon found on the Workspace Panel.

Even if you are on a shared topic desk, clicking on the Personal Items icon in the Workspace Panel will display articles that you have created or uploaded in your Personal Workspace. Articles that are created in your Personal Workspace are not visible to anyone but you and will not show up in Global Searches. They will not be visible to anyone else until you choose to send them to a shared topic desk.


This is an Action menu icon.

Hovering over an item saved in your Personal Workspace will reveal an Action menu icon on the right. Click on the Action menu to edit your article, copy it, or spike it.

When you spike an item from your Personal Workspace, it will not show up in the spiked items section and it cannot be recovered. When you spike an article from a topic desk, it will show up in the Spiked items tab in the Workspace Panel.


To send an article from your Personal Workspace to a shared desk, click Edit in the Action menu, then in the article window, click the purple Send To button.


When you are editing articles, if you do not click the close button but navigate away from the article, it will automatically minimize at the bottom of the Superdesk interface in the Workspace Bar. Minimized articles remain locked until they are closed.

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