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Player Widget

The Player widget provides an easy way for Listeners to access your Stream from your personal webpage. The widget, when inserted in your webpage code, will look like the image in the Preview area.

You can customise the Player widget just below the Preview area.

To change the title in your Player widget, input a new title in the text box provided. The default text is “Now Playing”.

In this section, you can also select a default Stream for your widget using the checkboxes. If you are unsure, you can let Airtime select the most appropriate Stream automatically by selecting the auto-detect setting.

Entering new text or changing the default Stream will update the code and the Preview automatically.

By default, there are no social media buttons on your Player widget. To enable the social media buttons for your widget, click the checkbox beside the type of social media button that you would like to add: Twitter, Facebook or Embed. The target pages for the Twitter and Facebook buttons can be changed in Airtime by selecting Settings > Radio Page.

Enabling the Embed button lets listeners access the code to put a player widget for your station on their website.

Finally, to use the Player Widget on your website, copy the code in the Embeddable code text box and paste it into your website HTML.

Stream compatibility is listed in the chart below.

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